Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here We Go Again

Painting our dining room.  My husband says painting is relaxing.  I'm glad he thinks so.  When we moved into this house we decided on red walls for two reasons. One reason was my sister use to have a red wall in her house and I loved it.  The other reason is I collect chickens and roosters. No, not real ones!  Hence, the red.  But as I have lived here I realize this dining room begs for a pale green to help bring the outdoors in.  You see, our dining room looks out onto our yard, where there is suppose to be a flower garden. That's another story... we'll get our flowers later.  Paint is not so expensive and it sure brings a nice change. Now, what to do about our floors in the dining room, kitchen and hallway to the shower... I love change, at least in our home.


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